My Favorite Online Workout Options


The gym I attend is currently undergoing a two week long renovation. While it seems like a bit of an inconvenience right now, I’m actually really excited for the updates once they are completed. In the meantime, I’ve had to come up with some creative ways to get in my typical workouts.

I exercise roughly four to five days a week and only part of those days are actually spent in the gym. One gym day is my favorite Zumba class which is fun and a great outlet for me. Another day or two at the gym might be exercising on the elliptical or treadmill and then lifting some weights.

When it’s nice outside I like to find local paths that I can walk/run on with the stroller. But as we all know, the weather in Seattle is rather wet and cold this time of year so when I can’t exercise outside, I seek out alternative indoor options. Below are some of my favorite FREE online workout options. I’m sharing them today in hopes that you will enjoy them as well. Or if you have some great online workout options share them in the comments below. I would love to try them out!

Tone It Up-Level of Difficulty: Easy to Moderate – I found this program years ago and the two girls that developed Tone It Up have really grown their business over the past several years. These videos are great for shorter workouts, especially if I’m looking to focus on a specific body part. They have many videos routines for arms, legs, abs, etc.

PopSugar Fitness-Level of Difficulty: All Levels – This channel on YouTube is great because of the variety of workouts they offer. There are different difficulty levels, areas of focus and the time of workout lengths vary. If I’m looking for a HIIT type workout or dance themed workout this is what I turn to.

Tereza Workout-Level of Difficulty: Hard – If you’re on Instagram and follow any sort of fitness accounts you probably run across Bikini Body Guide (BBG). It’s a really intense workout and nutrition program that can be followed via an app. I wasn’t interested in the meal plan but curious about the workouts so I searched a bit on YouTube and found Tereza’s channel. She completed the twelve week BBG program and filmed herself doing all the workouts. The BBG program starts out hard and gets progressively worse to be completely honest. I ended up completing all twelve weeks of the workout program as well, but it was very hard. Each workout consists of four rounds at seven minutes each, so only 28 minutes with 30 second breaks in between the rounds.

I thought I would include a few cute workout clothes ideas in the carousel below too!



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