Cookie Monster Themed Birthday Party


My son just recently turned two and he has been obsessed with everything Cookie Monster for the past few months. Cookie was actually one of his first words… Obviously he takes after my love for them!

In honor of his birthday we decided to have a Cookie Monster themed birthday party with family. I kept it fairly simple with the decor but added enough to emphasize the theme. It was actually quite hard to find only Cookie Monster themed items; everything tended to include multiple Sesame Street characters. To compensate for this I really focused on the chocolate chip cookies and adding in blue elements.

The cookies in the are from Trader Joes but any small will work well. I thought it was a cute way to incorporate the theme and also offer a snack to guests as well. It works as a great party favor option as well.

For the Cookie Monster faces, I just found a free printout online and colored it in blue. This prinout was also helpful in the design of the cake as well. I made a two layer round funfetti cake with vanilla frosting in between the layers. Then I used blue frosting for the outside of the cake. Once it was fully frosted, I took a toothpick and free-handed the outline of Cookie Monster’s face. I filled in his eyes first with vanilla frosting and then started to fill in the rest with the . It was pretty easy to draw and create as the base of the cake was already blue.

We had such a nice time celebrating his second birthday and I enjoyed indulging in several cookies myself! I hope this provides some inspiration for your next birthday party and thanks for stopping by!



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