Christmas Cards in July with Basic Invite


I know it’s a little early to be thinking about Christmas, but I love the holiday season so much! We’ve been having a heat wave in Seattle and I’d give anything to have snowflakes falling in our backyard like it does during Christmas.

One activity that I really enjoy throughout the year is planning my Christmas cards. I love to send letters in the mail all year long whether it is for a friend’s birthday, a thank you card or a simple thinking of you note. Snail mail is part of my love language! So it’s no exception that I thrive on sending cards to family and friends at Christmas time, especially custom Christmas cards.

Each time my family takes a trip or has a special experience I try to take photos for the memories, but also to use as part of our Christmas card. As a time-saving tip I recommend creating a special folder in your phone or on your desktop to save away those certain photos during the year that you might want to use for your Christmas cards. This photo we took in Alaska recently on a family trip would be a great option for a holiday cards photo this year.

There are also perks to planning ahead and creating your Christmas cards in July! Basic Invite has a large selection of holiday and Christmas cards that are classic and easy to edit. One thing that I especially like about Basic Invite is that they are one of the few websites that allow customers to order a printed sample of their actual card to see how it will print as well as the paper quality before the final order ever has to be placed. They also have 40 different colors when it comes to their envelopes so that you can customize your holiday cards further.

What is even better is that Basic Invite is offering 30% off holiday cards with coupon code: holi30. I think this is such a great deal and a nice incentive to get your Christmas cards done early. Think about all the extra time you will have to bake Christmas cookies or relax by the fire in December! I know I’m looking forward to it.



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