Hello Thirty-One!


Today is my 31st birthday! This past year has been one of growth and further adjustment in my role as a mom, but I’m enjoying this new chapter of my life. My blog has also grown over the past year which I owe to you! I love this little corner of the internet that is mine and am so happy that I get to share recipes, fashion and parts of my life with you all!

In honor of my birthday I thought I’d fill out a list of random questions just to fill you in on a bit more about me. This way I can also look back on this post a year from now and see if anything has changed.

What color are your eyes: Hazel
Do you wear contacts: Not anymore! I had lasik eye surgery.
Favorite food: Chocolate
Favorite day of the week: Saturday
Favorite flower: Peonies and hydrangeas
Favorite drink: Sauvignon Blanc
Favorite ice cream: Cookies and cream
What is your favorite TV show: Superstore
What are you wearing right now: Yoga pants & t-shirt
Gold Or Diamonds: Diamonds
What do you have for breakfast on weekdays: Toast with peanut butter
What do you have for breakfast on weekends: Pancakes or scrambled eggs and bacon
Popcorn? Butter, Plain Or Salted: Butter and salted
What’s your favorite color: Pink
Favorite car: Mini Cooper
Can you juggle: Yes!
Red Or White Wine: White, I’m allergic to red wine
Favorite candy bar: York peppermint patty

I also thought I’d include some of my favorite fashion and make up product finds from this past year in the carousel below!



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