Protecting My Skin


When I hit my late twenties and now, later this week, further into my early thirties… I have been much more conscientious of my skin and protecting it from the sun. Growing up I loved to lay out in the sun and bake for hours. Looking back I hope I don’t regret that some day, but I’m older and I think a bit wiser, so I’m taking it much more seriously now. I put sunscreen on almost daily, even on overcast and rainy days, as I want to avoid any further skin damage.

I was introduced to this reviews website and they have a great breakdown on sunscreen products. What works well, what doesn’t and how to best apply sunscreen. They actually recommend to not use any powder or spray sunscreens as they are not as effective and can be harmful if they are inhaled. This was helpful information to hear as I have been using some spray sunscreens off and on but will definitely work toward using only from here on out.

I’d love to hear your tips and what your favorite sunscreens are!



2 thoughts on “Protecting My Skin”

  1. Sunscreen at least once a day every day is very important! You should check out Korean skincare.

    1. Thanks Heather! That is such great advice and I’ll be sure to check out Korean skincare.


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