PNW Favorites: North Seattle Coffee Shops


Since I love the Pacific Northwest so much, I thought I would start a new series on my blog titled: PNW Favorites.

For the first part of the series I’ll be sharing my favorite coffee shops. Being a Seattleite pretty much implies that you will be a lover of coffee and here are a few of my favorites.

1. Cafe Javasti (Maple Leaf) – Not only is this cafe in one of my favorite Seattle neighborhoods, but they also have delicious crepes! I like their iced americanos and love how the cafe is nestled right in with the neighborhood. My husband lived in the Maple Leaf neighborhood prior to us getting married and we still enjoy walking around there with a cup of coffee from the cafe.

2. The Bridge Coffee House (Haller Lake) – This coffee shop is connected to a church set back in the Haller Lake neighborhood. The baristas have always been very pleasant and have chatted with me while they are pulling my espresso shots. They have delicious drinks and I would highly recommend their mochas.

3. Diva Espresso (Kenmore) – I actually found out about this coffee location from a friend through Instagram. It’s a bit further north than the other two but well worth the drive. It’s a really large cafe that has lots of seating, a meeting room, a double-sided fireplace and they serve wine as well! They have also really embraced the seaplane theme of the area and have a replica of a seaplane hanging from the ceiling. Their coffee is decent and I enjoy their vanilla bean scones as well.

I hope this gives you a few new coffee spots to check out if you’re in the Seattle area or if you come to visit. Have a nice weekend!

*Coffee mug from above is old from Crate & Barrel. Here are a few other similiar mugs: , and .



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