Chocolate Chip Banana Bread


In college I lived with four other girls in a house and it was so much fun! Memories from living together are some of my fondest from college. We often cooked and baked together, and one of our favorite things to bake was banana bread with chocolate chips!

Banana bread is definitely my go to for when I need a sweet and easy breakfast or afternoon snack option that lasts for a few days. It’s a relatively easy bread to make and I usually have a few ripe bananas lying around that need to be used. This has become my favorite banana bread recipe over the past few years. I found it just skimming Pinterest and have continued to use it ever since. I just add half a cup of chocolate chips to the batter before putting it into the loaf pan.

When baking banana bread I like using this or sometimes I will make the banana bread into banana muffins and I like to use this . And how cute are these ?

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