Le Specs Sunglasses and Brick Wall

Le Specs Sunglasses


This past weekend we had a couple extra warm and sunny days. A rare treat in the PNW as January is typically gloomy and 40 degrees. My family and I decided to head to the beach to catch the sunset and it did not disappoint! I love living so close to the water and having access to so many beaches.

I came across these on Instagram and thought they were so cute. I did a little research and found that they are polarized and I knew I needed to try them out. They are very comfortable and light weight on my face. I think they would work well all year around since they are such a basic pair of sunglasses. And they were perfect for viewing the sunset!

These look like they would be a great option as well. Can you tell that I’m thinking of growing my sunglasses collection? Don’t tell my husband! 😉



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