GF Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles)



Yes – you read that right, zoodles! I’m so excited, I finally bought a Vegetti and I am obsessed. It’s so much fun, super easy to use and is helping me to eat up all the zucchinis that won’t stop growing in my garden.

I was really surprised at how easy the tool is to use and it’s very small so storage isn’t a problem. For my first attempt at making zoodles, I decided to keep it simple and just make the typical meat spaghetti sauce recipe that I make, but instead I replaced the typical gluten-free brown rice noodles with zucchini.

I used two zucchinis which was plenty enough when using one pound of turkey meat for my husband and myself to have leftovers. The zucchini tends to stay in big long strings when using the Vegetti, so I ended up cutting through the zoodles a few times to break up the extra long length. Also, I did microwave the zoodles for one minute before adding them into my spaghetti meat sauce. This helped to ensure that they were cooked all the way through.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, does the zucchini really work as a replacement for noodles? How does it taste in comparison? Well, I was pleasantly surprised and found that the texture for me was almost identical to that of regular pasta and the zucchini really takes on the flavor of the sauce, so I couldn’t even tell that I was eating zucchini. Have you tried making zoodles? How did you think they tasted?

I’m looking forward to spiraling potatoes and carrots hopefully here soon as well. Happy zoodling!

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