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While we were on vacation in Las Vegas I got really excited because I realized that Giada de Laurentiis’ restuarant had recently opened! I never in a million years thought that I would be in Las Vegas and have the chance to possibly go to her restaurant.

I have been a fan of Giada’s ever since college. I grew up without cable TV, but when I got to college, I gained access to the Food Network and my life changed forever :). Well not exactly, but my interest in cooking definitely increased and I also discovered Giada de Laurentiis. Her shows are definitely my favorite and her cookbooks are amazing!


Anyway, back to her restaurant, GIADA at The Cromwell. Nathan and I decided that since we were in Las Vegas we should go to her restaurant and so we called for reservations. NEWSFLASH they were booked solid until November! Not good news. However, Nathan asked a couple of questions and the person at the restaurant let us know that if someone cancelled the day of and we were there early enough we might be able to get a table.

Well, we decided to take a chance and showed up on Tuesday night right before 5:00pm. And just our luck, they had a reservation open in about 30 minutes! I was so excited! We ended up waiting for our table at the bar for a few minutes which was designed so chic. The entire restaurant is very modern and bright. Three-fourths of the restaurant walls are windows that face out onto Las Vegas Blvd, right at the Bellagio. We could watch the fountain show from our table!

Not only was her restaurant amazing, the service was impeccable and the food was even better! Our waiter answered all my fan-crazy Giada questions and was totally accomodating about my gluten-free requests. The menu is also very gluten-free friendly as all items are labeled if they are gluten-free or not. We both had the Spaghetti with shrimp, lemon and basil. The shrimp were massive in size and the noodles were covered in cheese which made it very delcious. My dish included the gluten-free house made noodle version of course. It was probably one of the best Italian dishes I have ever had.


We ordered an antipasti dish as well, Coppa and it was very good. My husband was also able to indulge in the bread basket that was filled with home-made focaccia, flatbread and parmesan breadsticks. He said it was amazing.


We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at GIADA and it far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend trying her restaurant if you are ever in Las Vegas.


My attempt at a panorama of the restaurant.




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  1. I am drooling!! what u ordered sounds like it was amazingly delish! I haven’t eaten Italian in forever and this sounds like it would be soooo worth it!

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